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San Clemente Neighborhoods

San Clemente Neighborhoods Guide. There are over 120 different San Clemente neighborhoods to chose from and that is a good thing because you have a large supply of houses to choose from in your search for that perfect home. We have dedicated this site to give you everything you need to narrow down your search and make it more manageable. Here is how the neighborhood structure is designed. At the top level you have the City of San Clemente, next level down you have 9 communities or areas that the neighborhoods sit it in and finally at next level down you have neighborhoods with homes and streets.  We know that every neighborhood has it’s own characteristics and that is why we have provided a little write up to try and share something that might peak your interest to explore that neighborhood a little bit more.

1. Southwest San Clemente – Southwest San Clemente neighborhood contains one of the most exclusive of all neighborhoods in San Clemente which is Cottons Point. This area is where one of the founding father’s of San Clemente (Hamilton H. Cotton) landed. Cotton built his estate here in 1926 hence the name Cottons Point. The land has since been subdivided and now it contains some of the most exclusive custom built estates in San Clemente. San Clemente Southwest also contains the Cyprus Shore, Cyprus Cove and Riviera neighborhoods with in it. San Clemente homes for sale in this area will run a little higher due to their close proximity to the beach. 

2. Coast District  – The San Clemente Coast District consists of signal and two story San Clemente homes that were built in the 70’s and 80’s. The homes in the San Clemente Coast area have a combination of fantastic canyon and ocean views. The coast district is east of the freeway and is right next to The Reserve, New Providence and North San Clemente.

3. Forster San Clemente – Forster Ranch San Clemente has been around since the early 1980’s and continues to grow as a community. The Reserve neighborhood within Forster is a gated community with roughly 200+ San Clemente homes in it and they were built in the early 2000’s. The Reserve is divided into four separate neighborhoods with four sperate gates. They consist of San Clemente homes in the Reserve North, South, East and West. Both of these San Clemente areas or neighborhoods are roughly two miles for the coast line.

4. Rancho San Clemente  – Rancho San Clemente consist of homes and condos for sale which were built in the mid 80’s. Many of the San Clemente homes for sale in this community are midsize and have fantastic ocean views. Rancho San Clemente is located east of the 5 freeway off Pico past San Clemente High School. A big draw for the area is the newly renovated and remodeled Lifetime Fitness and wellness club which was developed on the grounds of the old tennis and fitness club that was a staple in the area for many years.

5. Central San Clemente – Central San Clemente neighborhood is the area from the Southwest San Clemente going directly north and west of the freeway. The Central community is the most densely populated area of San Clemente. If your looking for San Clemente homes for sale with a little faster pace then buying a home or renting one in the pier bowl within central San Clemente would be a good place for you. It has many places to eat and is filled with plenty of rental properties which creates a touristy atmosphere. Avenida Del Mar just up the hill from the pier is basically the downtown or shopping district in San Clemente. It is filled with tourist especially in the summer months. There are many different types of housing units within the Central area such as single family units, multi-family units, condos, apartment to multi use building. By having this many types of real estate buildings it in itself creates that city atmosphere. If your interested for more of a downtown or city living experience as much as  you can get in San Clemente with close neighbors, tight parking etc. then this is area of San Clemente is for you. 

6. North San Clemente – North San Clemente neighborhood has an array of different types of San Clemente homes for sale such as condos, townhomes, modest single family units to the luxury custom built homes in Sea Pointe Estates gated community. To the southern most section of the area you will find the Ole Hanson Beach club along with the old bowling alley right next door. North San Clemente contains a 55+ community called Colony Cove which has spectacular views from atop the bluffs. To the northern most part of the community you have Harbor Estates which butts up against the city of Dana point. Harbor Estate homes have a large range of square footage options for sale. You have the original ranch style 1,700 sq. ft. home to the newly remodeled 4,000 sq. ft. luxury home. In North San Clemente there is the Shore Cliff’s golf course which is surrounded by many homes with golf course views.

7. Southeast San Clemente – Southeast San Clemente is directly across the freeway from the Southwest community. The Southeast area has the San Clemente Municipal Golf Course in it which creates many San Clemente homes with golf course views. Southeast San Clemente also has many homes and condos with fantastic ocean views,  The community contains a very large condo complex in Presidential Heights I and II with many units having great ocean views. The area has many large custom built stunning ocean view homes on the hilly lots.

8. Marblehead San Clemente – Marblehead San Clemente is one of those unique communities in San Clemente that occupies both sides of the freeway with Sea Summit one of the larger new San Clemente Real Estate developments in San Clemente on the west side of the 5 freeway. On the other side or east side you will find all of the other Marblehead neighborhoods. In Marblehead you will find condos, gated communities along with many single family neighborhoods and houses with gorgeous canyon and ocean view homes. As far as north and south San Clemente go, Marblehead is pretty much in the middle.

9. Talega San Clemente – Talega San Clemente neighborhood is the largest geographically of all the communities in San Clemente with over 40+ neighborhoods. There is just about every housing unit in Talega that you can think of. There are Condos, Apartments, 55+ neighborhoods, regular single family neighborhoods with cul-de-sacs and it even small luxury gated golf course communities. When looking for San Clemente Homes for Sale, Talega is a must stop. It’s hard to go wrong with so many choices to choose from.  

San Clemente Real Estate Area Map

San Clemente Map of the 9 Real Estate Communities – San Clemente, Ca
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