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San Clemente Homes for Sale

San Clemente Homes for Sale website is designed for those folks searching for homes in San Clemente. All the San Clemente homes for sale with ocean views and their Spanish style architecture has created a look that the founding father of San Clemente Ole Hanson was looking for. Hanson’s private and public building’s vision was to design San Clemente like one of those sleepy Mediterranean towns on the coast in Spain. To protect his vision he went so far as to put a clause in all the real property deeds that requires a real estate developer to submit plans to a planning committee. The focus of the committee is to make sure that San Clemente’s new real estate construction projects would carry that Spanish architecture theme and have white exteriors and red roof tops. If you look around the neighborhoods in San Clemente you can see that a good majority of the San Clemente homes for sale carry the Spanish theme but not all do. As you browse through all the images on this site, you will start to see the different types of real estate styles but there is definitely a common Spanish theme through out San Clemente neighborhoods and especially with the city buildings. The homes in San Clemente look the part so much that the city is nicknamed  “The Spanish Village by the Sea”.  What Hanson did was purchased 2,000 acres in 1925 with the financial help from Hamilton Cotton. Hanson believed that San Clemente’s climate and beautiful beaches would serve as a haven to Californians tired of the big city life. He named the city of San Clemente after San Clemente Island which was named after Saint Clement. 

San Clemente is that quintessential little beach town as it is located an hour south on the I5 from Los Angeles and an hour north on the I5 from San Diego. San Clemente’s topography makes it perfect for those looking for ocean view homes as it’s hilly terrain creates an abundance of San Clemente homes for sale with ocean views. Many of the ocean view homes in San Clemente sit atop the bluffs to the north side of town, to those in the Coast, The Reserve, Highland Light and to the southeast with San Clemente homes in the Presidential Heights condo neighborhoods. But the most desirable of neighborhoods with ocean view homes and waterfront properties is in the southwest part of town in the exclusive estates of Cotton Point. San Clemente is not all about the homes with ocean views though as the terrain also creates many homes with gorgeous canyon and bluff views to complement those San Clemente ocean view homes and estates. Many of the homes in San Clemente  will be in close proximity to a park as there are over 25 official San Clemente Parks and ball fields and that does not include the neighborhood or subdivisions that have their own smaller parks. Casa Romantica is one of the most historic of the San Clemente homes and is well-known to it’s residents. When Ole Hanson came to San Clemente and decided to develop San Clemente, he built the epitome of his perfect house which he called Casa Romantica. However the most famous San Clemente Home is La Casa Pacifica which was the estate of former President Richard Nixon. In 1969, President Nixon bought part of the H.H. Cotton estate which was one of the original San Clemente homes built by Hanson located in the exclusive southwest area of San Clemente and he renamed it “La Casa Pacifica” (The Pacific House). Nixon’s La Casa Pacifica was also nicknamed the “Western White House” by the media and that is pretty much how people remember it today.

San Clemente Pier

One of the most iconic landmarks in San Clemente is the San Clemente Pier. The first constructed pier was built in 1928 and was 1,200 feet long. The San Clemente pier was built at no cost to the residents and its intention was for fishing and pleasure. In 1939 and 1983 the pier was damaged due to storms but has since been reconstructed into the pier it is today. For more info on San Clemente and it’s pier you can visit our friends at Wikipedia…

San Clemente Climate

San Clemente has a Mediterranean climate where temperatures tend to average in the 70’s. The annual rainfall in San Clemente averages 10″ and annual average days of sunshine are 310.

San Clemente Surfing

San Clemente is also known for its many surfing locations, which include the world famous Trestles, Lowers, Middles & Uppers, Cotton’s Point, Calafia Beach Park, Riviera, Lost Winds, The Hole, T-Street, The San Clemente Pier, Linda Lane, North Beach and Poche Beach. San Clemente also has a large concentration of local surfboard shapers and manufacturers. The San Clemente High School surf team has won 15 NSSA Championships.

San Clemente Homes for Sale Website

San Clemente Homes for sale website is specifically dedicated for those folks searching for homes in the City of San Clemente, Ca. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or text us at: 949.370.6244

San Clemente Real Estate Area Map

San Clemente Map of the 9 Real Estate Communites – San Clemente, Ca
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